Environmentally Responsible – LEED certified

IC-LEED-CERT Lorick Design and Construction takes pride in providing the best building practices for every project we work on. We have built many homes from the ground up and renovated hundreds throughout the years. We keep up with all of the latest Green Building standards by taking building science and green building courses. As LEED green associates we are required to take 15 hours of CE credits each year keeping up with industry standards and advancements.

What You Can Expect From A Green Building Project By Eco Performance Builders:


“Build it right once” – Green Building is about making things last. From foundations to correct waterproofing methods to you’re sealed and balanced HVAC system we don’t cut corners. We want the life cycle of your home to be a long one.


We can advise on how to best choose products for your home that are eco sensitive. From reclaimed lumber or wood to fly-ash concrete to FSC certified lumber we are up to date on what will yield the smallest environmental impact.


With our strong background in building science and our vast experience with HVAC, radiant floors, insulation and framing we know how to deliver the most comfortable homes. By controlling your thermal envelope and your heating, air and ventilation system we can guarantee comfort in all seasons.


Correctly sized HVAC and radiant systems, correctly installed insulation, tight building and the choosing of efficient appliances make our new and remodeled homes some of the the most efficient in the world.


Fresh air ventilation, low VOC paints and finishes, sealed building envelope and minimal room to room pressure differences make the homes we work on the healthiest possible.


Safety is number one. From controlling humidity, waterproofing correctly to ventilating gas appliances correctly, we do it right and verify it. We also make sure our employees have a safe and healthy place to work. We hold periodical safety meetings, provide proper safety equipment and use safe building practices.

ph-gigi“Gigi” Lorick of Lorick Design in Montclair has been providing home owners with top quality Design and Construction work in the Oakland and San Francisco bay area since ’93. She has completed over 500 remodels in the past 18 years. If you have any remodeling work that needs attention, call today to take care of your job!

Originally from Southern California, Gigi began her career as a Scenic Designer and Art Director for many studios including Paramount, Disney , Universal, Lion’s Gate, Sony and MGM. She was a proud member of Local 729 Motion Picture Union. After 12 years and an Academy Award, she became disillusioned. She wanted to build beautiful structures that were not torn apart months later. Her designs are creative, visually pleasing, and financially affordable. Come in and talk to her today she has an eye for detail and comes up with very creative ideas for every budget.